Natalia L.


In June, it was treated and rested in sanatorii.Ochen strong and diverse medical facilities, clean air, beautiful nature,
interesting cultural program, interesting excursions, very good-natured and helpful medpersonal.Uezzhala in a good
mood and well-being, I plan to come again. The only thing annoying is the behavior of some holiday-makers
themselves, unflattering for the dining table, near the treatment rooms, on the maintenance staff,
the citizens of the Russian Federation is why the resort is compared to the rest of Turkey, even though many
have come here not for the first raz. Obidno treated for both, they trying to please everyone, but it seems
it is not possible ... 29.06.2016g

Response: Natalia L. Thank you for your feedback!

Elena Moscow


          I have been in the resort for 7 times and on the New Year time, too! I liked everything and nature, and the staff, special thanks to Tatiana Ivanovna, Lyudmila Ivanovna, the senior nurse, and to Natalia, who worked in the department of the sale of the permits. The medical base is on top, and, the most importantly, I like the permit cost. Coming in June 2016, WAIT FOR ME!))) Good luck and prosperity!

Response: Good afternoon. Helen, thank you for the very nice review) Weare waiting for you!



         We rested in September of this year. We visited your sanatorium 2 times. At this time, the general impression has developed much better, and this confirms that the resort is changing for the better) The hall with aquariums is so beautiful! There were the amber and salt room in the sanatorium. We liked the treatment, the paramedics are friendly. The nature is wonderful! It's nice to spend time on the lake, watching the little family of swans. I would also like to say thanks to the beloved department of the culture, you're the best! ♥ Thank you for rest and pleasant experience.

Response: Hello Diane. Thank you very much, we are glad to work for our tourists!

Elena Vladimirovna


This fall we have rested in the sanatoriumPorechye, we liked it, I think we will have rest there once again. As we went to the resort to receive medical treatment, we are very satisfied with medical facilities, maintenance of medical staff, and I would like to specially thank Galaburda Lyudmila Yanovna! Thank you for the rest!

Response: Good afternoon. Thank you too, we will be glad to see Youin our sanatorium.

Politovye-Belko family


We rested in yoursanatorium from September, 25 to October, 15, 2015. The medical base is at a high level. Wonderful phytobar, mineral water, a swimming pool and of course the nature that surrounds the resort. We have only positive emotions from a stay in the sanatorium.I would like to express my gratitude to Alesya (electro-light treatment), to massage therapist Alexander, a special thanks for the sensitivity toLyudvigovna Anna, as well as thanks to the cultural workers for interesting excursions and concerts.

Response: Thank you! It’s very pleasant for us!)

Alexander Victorovich


The general impression is twofold. What is good can be counted on the fingers of one hand - this is the water itself, the nature and some health workers. In general –the sanatorium is similar to the summer camp of the 80s. You need to work with the staff, the workers have to be sent to an internship, economic workers have to wear uniforms and you have to explain them that in the 8:00 a.m it is forbidden to mow the grass - people relax there.It will also be nice for the smokers to follow the rules of behavior,in the dining room it’s necessary to put air conditioning and replaced the bed - these products are only for children, but the mattresses are beneath criticism.But the hope for a fast improvement is not necessary, since the resort has the monopoly on the water .. I think that the Village Council must seek permission for the construction of its own pump room, THEN LOCAL SANATORIUMS WILL CREATE A COMPETITION AND THE RESORT WILL HAVE TO STIRR. Professor Chernovalov.

Response: Good afternoon. Many men, many minds.The sanatorium staff is dressed in uniforms and all the workers passed certification annually. Smoking is permitted in a specially designated area. You lived in the same room as our clients of a review below, beds and mattresses are new. Anyway, thank you for your review, we will consider all notices and try to correct them. Thank you.



I rested with my husband and baby in August of 2015. Everything is super! The room is wonderful, the food is excellent! Medical treatment is at a high level. Wonderful phytobar with oxygen cocktails and juices.THANKS SO MUCH to all the staff of the sanatorium!!!! We were satisfied with the holiday and even wanted to extend the permit, but unfortunately there were no places .. (((Guys, keep it up !!!! We wish prosperity and more clients to the sanatorium "Porechye" !!!!Cheers !!!!

Response: Good afternoon, Mary, thank you for your review, we will try to flourish and delight our clients.

Tatyana Alexandrovna


How is the leisure for children organized? Do you admit children up to three years? How much is the accommodation for such children without treatment and nutrition costs? Thank you for the information.

Response: Good afternoon. Children are admitted from 3 years. There is a games room where you can leave your child at the time of the passing of your procedures. The playground is installed. There is a sport equipment rental. A lot of children of the program "Mother and Child" have rest in the sanatorium (Children of all ages). Prices without power are not designed, only without treatment.

Tourists Dudyshev VE and Glushneva EP


The head of the sanatorium "Porechye"

                                                                            Chief physician of the sanatorium

             Dear sirs!        

At the end of our stay in your sanatorium (from 11 to 22 July) we can’t but expressour gratitude. We are grateful both to junior medical staff, employees and of course the doctors of the sanatorium. We would like to mention such doctors as doctorsBelov L.E., Kozodoeva N.V. In our opinion doctor Kirichenko A.I deserves special thanks for professionalism, extremely attentive, initially positive attitude towards his patients. Thank you for the holidays.                            

Dudyshev V.E

Glushneva E.P

St. Petersburg, Pushkin

Response: Hello. Thank you) We will surely transfer your nice review to our doctors.

Veronika Valentinovna


Thank you very much for the rest. Despite the repair of the hall, everything was very good. Medical base is excellent, the doctors work perfectly. We have pleasant memories of the rest. Good luck to you!!!

Response: Hello. Thank you for visiting us, we are glad to see you again!)

Andrey Valeryevich


Good afternoon! I liked everything, well done !!!Thanks =). Good luck ...

Response: Andrey Valeryevich, thank you))

Valery (Moscow)


Good afternoon, not so long ago we had a rest in the sanatorium Porechye and I would like to leave a small review. Theater starts with a cloakroom, as they say, and the sanatorium starts from the hall. Unfortunately the repair spoils the picture,a feeling of comfortdoes not develop. But the workers are friendly and meetas if at home that smooths the overall picture. I would like to specially note Lyudvigovna Anna, who is always ready to help and work with her heart - it is noticeable. Medical base is excellent, equipment is modern, thedoctors know their work. The nature pleasesespecially - after Moscow I breathe easily and deeply. I recommend.

Response: Good afternoon, Valery. The administration of the sanatoriumt apologizes for any inconvenience. Repair is a temporary phenomenon but when You come to our resort next time you will be shocked by our beauty)) Thank you for your review, it's pleasant for us!

Marina Leonova


I have just returned with the child, I liked it very much! Thanks so much to everyone for the rest and treatment base, I hope to come to your sanatorium again!

Response: Thank You for the review, come to us again!



Is it possible to pass the ultrasound examination (breasts) in the sanatorium, if I'm not your client? If it is possible, how can I do this? Will the cost be according to your price - list? 

Response: Good afternoon. This medical service is provided. The price will be according to the price-list of medical services on our website.



My wife and children are going to go to to the "Porechye" in a week. Please, tell me if there is a children's room and the opportunity to study?

Response: Hello Michael. The resort has a children's room. There is no school in the sanatorium, but we have an agreement with a local school in Porechye, so the children from the resort can be taught in this school.



I want to thank to all the staff of the sanatorium Porechye. Especially to Tamara, who works on the mud treatmentt in the cabin№1. I liked the Sharko shower this year, it was even better than the underwater massage. I also liked very much sessions of the psychotherapist Alfonso Albertovich. Special thanks to DJ: Misha and Sergei. I also want to thank the maid Lily from the 2d floors.

Response: Olga, thanks for your detailed review. We are glad to work for You.



I had rest with my family last year,we liked the medical base and the nature. We are going to come to you again, how is the situation with the places ???

Response: Thanks for the review), please refer to our specialists(+375152) 993 882; (+375152) 993 148; (+375152) 993 161; (+37529) 196 54 79.

Victor Evgenyevich


Thank you for returning me my forgotten staff! I looked for it so long, so it was in your sanatorium. Honest staff, thank you!

Response: Thank you. Come to us again!