Treatment programs, including the number of procedures, are determined by a physician of the sanatorium, depending on the nature and stage of the disease, passing the adaptation of the organism, the need of the observance of a sanatorium mode, compatibility of procedures, concomitant disease of age, and according to the methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. The number of treatments depends on the length and duration of the permit. The number of treatments depends on the duration of the term of the permit.

Treatment basis:

• Treatment of mineral water – the use of unique mineral (chloride-sodium-calcium) of average salinity water of Druskininkai type;

• Sapropel mud of the lake Wild, Dyatlovo district, Grodno region.

General contraindications:

  • All diseases in the acute stage, chronic diseases in the stage of expressed exacerbation.
  • Acute infectious diseases before the expiry of the insulation.
  • All infectious and parasitic diseases of the skin and eyes.
  • All venereal diseases in acute or contagious phase.
  • Chronic mental illness and the states which are subject to obligatory dispensary supervision. Epilepsy with spasmodic paroxysms frequency of 1 time per month, and a penchant for serial (status epilepticus).
  • All kinds of addiction. Substance abuse. Chronicalcoholism.
  • All blood diseases in an acute stage and a stage of an aggravation.
  • Cachexiaofanyorigin.
  • Malignant tumors requiring surgical, radiological chemotherapy, comprehensive treatment.
  • All diseases and conditions requiring hospital treatment, including surgery; all diseases in which patients are incapable of independent movement and self-care.
  • Echinococcosisofanylocation.
  • All forms of tuberculosis in an active stage.
  • Leukemia, perniciousanemia.


Medical base

Treatments used in the sanatorium Porechye


Mineral water of Druskininkai type

It is obtained from the well number 13 and 446 meters deep, which is located in the sanatorium. The water can be used as a beverage or can be prescribed by a doctor for the following diseases: chronic gastritis, chronic liver disease, biliary and urinary tract, uncomplicated peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, metabolic diseases, urolithiasis.

Ozone therapy

which is generated by special medical devices - ozone generators. It is used as a disinfectant, including outwardly, injected into the joints and in the subcutaneous tissue in pure form and administered into the bloodstream by mixing with a physiological solution and / or the patient's blood (autohaemotherapy). Therapeutic doses of ozone lead to the activation of a cascade of biochemical reactions: activation of antioxidant protection considerably increases microcirculation, improves trophic processes in organs and tissues, affects the rheological properties of blood, has a strong immunomodulatory effect, contributing to a sharp activation of detoxification of the body's defense.


Vacuum-therapy - physiotherapy of the 21st century - shock wave therapy with the option of magnetic therapy. The device improves blood circulation in the body, strengthens blood vessels and purposefully removes harmful deposits from the veins and lymph nodes, eliminates the inflammatory and edematous processes in tissues and organs.

Salt treatment

The technique is based on the work of academician B.V Bolotov, which is based on the mechanisms of healing the body by removal of old cells with reduced physiological function, which is replaced by young healthy cells. Such a change occurs through the stimulation of biochemical processes involving ions of salt. Bags with heated salt are used locally. The treatment of chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract (adenoids, sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthritis, low back pain, heel spurs, myositis), chronic diseases of the pelvic organs (adnexitis, salpingitis, prostatitis) chronic fatigue syndrome and depression) are also carried out in the sanatorium.

Amber aromatherapy with walking on pebbles amber

Amber restores power after severe diseases, activates cellular respiration, increases the body's defenses, improves mental and physical activity, relieves headaches, gives clarity of mind and quick thinking. One of the unique abilities of amber is the ability to provide a normalizing effect on the biological field and biological processes in the human body, that is, the removal of pain in the head, joint, spinal and other pains. The healing properties of amber in this case related to the inhalation of negative ions, stimulate metabolic processes in the upper respiratory tracts, trachea, bronchi and alveoli of the lungs, helping to relieve spasms, improve blood circulation, elimination of edema and inflammation, and direct bactericidal action on bacteria in the respiratory tracts and in the lungs. Amber is beneficial for diseases of the respiratory system, including the common cold, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and even asthma and tuberculosis. Walking barefoot on the pebbles of amber, You not only heal flat feet, massaging the muscles and skin of the feet, but also affect on biologically active points of the feet, thereby providing a beneficial effect on all organs.

Pressure therapy

The device "Limfostim" is the device of the pressure therapy, which provides compression lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage activates the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system. The channels of the lymphatic system are responsible for the inflow and outflow of waste products from the tissues of the body. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the body's immune system.

SPA capsule

Spa Capsule is a tool to combat tiredness and stress, improve the general condition of the body, figure correction.

Spa procedures are indicated for metabolic disorders, rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart, emotional breakdowns, gynecological diseases, stimulate the immune system, and others.

Therapeutic baths

Dry carbon dioxide bath "REDBOX" - improves the oxygen metabolism in the tissue and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, which leads to acceleration of blood flow, reducing its viscosity and thus to eliminate stagnation in the blood and improves ventilation and gas exchange in the lungs.

Mud-adjustable bath is a combination of mineral baths and sapropel.

Bubble bath provides sedative effect, acceleration of blood flow.

Turpentine bath is a very active procedure. It has a pronounced irritant and analgesic effect, and an active influence on the peripheral circulation, it also has anti-inflammatory and resolving action.

Iodine-bromine bath has pronounced calming and analgesic effect on the nervous system.

Coniferous bath provides sedative, analgesic and vasodilator effect.

Mineral bath has a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Underwater shower-massage provides muscle relaxation and pain relief, improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, promotes the rapid resorption of inflammatory foci in tissues.

Mud treatment

Mud treatment is carried out using sapropel of lake Wild in Djatlovo in Grodno region and the mud of Saki Lake. Mud-adjustable bath helps to achieve maximum effect through a combination of mineral water and sapropelic mud. It improves lymph and blood circulation, improves oxygen metabolism, displays the body of free radicals, restores the immune system, increases potency, removes inflammation, does not cause allergic reactions. The following types of mud are provided in the sanatorium: mud applications (general and local), mud rectal tampons, galvanic mud.

Thermal treatment

Paraffin locally raises the temperature, recovers capillary blood flow, resolves inflammatory infiltrates, scarring and adhesions, has analgesic effect and stimulates healing processes. Paraffin is reduced on cooling in volume (to 15%). Thanks to this a deep heating of tissue and changes in vascular tone is achieved. Ozokerite added to the paraffin anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect.


The method of introduction of medicinal substances through the respiratory tract by inhalation.

The hall of medical physical training

Equipped hall


Monitor cleaning of the intestines using an apparatus "COLON-HYDRO" is an easy and absolutely hygienic treatment. The filtered, activated and warmed to body temperature water is introduced as a soft enema into the intestine. Due to the constant change of the filling and emptying of the bowel solid deposits are softened and displayed. Through the usage of disposable materials and disinfection of the device all aspects of hygiene are taken into account.


The beneficial effects of hand massage on the human body are difficult to overestimate. During a session is accelerated the flow of lymph and blood, which leads to the improvement of metabolic processes in the organism at different levels, the local tissue nutrition is risen, they are exempt from harmful elements, it increases the overall muscle tone, skin released from the surface layer, activity of the sweat glands is excited.


Using a luminous radiation (visible, infrared, ultraviolet) with curative and preventive purposes.

  • visible, infrared irradiation (Bioptron)
  • laser therapy


  • vitamin tea
  • oxygen cocktail
  • fresh juice



  • Diseases of the pulmonary system: chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic tonsillitis, vasomotor rhinitis.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease, Raynaud's syndrome, atherosclerotic occlusive disease
  • Nervous system disorders: polyneuritis, polyneuropathy, radiculitis, dystonia, intercostal neuralgia, consequences of cerebral circulatory disorders, paresis, paralysis.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal - musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, myositis.
  • Skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema.


  • Nodal breast, uterine fibroids.
  • nodular goiter.
  • Malignancies.


The cabinet holds consultative and medical-rehabilitative assistance to those people, who suffer mental and behavioral disorders, which is not a contraindication for a stay in the sanatorium:

  • affective mood disorders;
  • neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders;
  • behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors;
  • disorders of adult personality and behavior in adults;
  • violation of psychological development;
  • behavioral and emotional disorders of childhood and adolescence;
  • mental disorder of patients, who are in crisis psychological situations.


The method of treatment with the usage of an electric current.

  • galvanization
  • electrophoresis
  • diadynamic
  • amplipulse
  • ultratonotherapy
  • darsonvalization
  • franklinization
  • ultrahigh-frequency therapy
  • millimeter wave therapy
  • magnetotherapy


Circular shower is a shower of medium pressure. It tones the central nervous system.

Ascending shower - improves blood flow in the pelvic region, accelerate the absorption of inflammatory processes.

Shower struevoy (Charcot) is a high-pressure shower. It improves muscle tone, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

Japanese bath "Ofuro". Ofuro bath can be used at any time of the year and in any weather. In every season You will get unforgettable sensations. In the winter cold, take a dip in the natural heat of the hot water, in the summer heat wooden font with water will replace the cool of the pool; at any time you can arrange a romantic holiday under the stars and a lot of other useful and pleasant sensations. The studies of Japanese doctors emphasize that the ofuro helps to cope with stress, stimulates the cardiovascular system and kidneys, it is a valuable curative and preventive means. It helps in diseases of the metabolism, relieves rheumatic pains.

Cosmetic services

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Stone therapy (Stone Massage)

Massage with stones

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