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Sanatorium Porechye is located in the coniferous forest on the shore of the purest lake Molochnoye in the Grodno region, 30 kilometers from the ancient city of Grodno.

       Sanatorium Porechye is a green oasis surrounded by mushroom forest and wonderful lakes. A great place for resting and treatment of the whole family all year round! It is covered from winds by coniferous and deciduous forests.On the territory of sanatorium grow pine, spruce, birch, mountain ash, oak, chestnut. Thus, the resort is well protected from the harsh climate variability and has a mild, temperate climate.

       The sanatorium has its own fenced, protected area of more than 10 acres, on which the medical building, an indoor pool, three dormitories and a dining room are located


       The dining room is located in the main building of the sanatorium, with a beautiful lunch hall for 320 seats, of which 100 seats are the Compartment of "Mother and Child". In the dining room of the sanatorium the 5-course meal in one shift is organized and for diabetics, children and people in need of frequent and smaller meals optional breakfast is offered. Dietary food in the resort is organized on a diet: B (15), P (5), D (9), N (7) and is used strictly on prescription. A lot of specialties are created that are included in the daily menu. Days of national cuisine are spent. During the meal in the dining room sounds music. To improve the quality of food in the room microwaves are installed. In the catering department modern cooking technology are used. The catering department of the sanatorium is equipped with modern equipment: steamer, table cold appetizers with cooling, steam tables, modern warehouses with a refrigeration system having sensors determine the temperature and etc. Cooks of the 5th and 6th category and the waiters of 4th and 5th categories worked there. Food products are purchased directly from the Belarusian producers. There are certificates for all products.



         Cultural events are held daily in the afternoon. Events are made up according to the age, personal, territorial and natural features of the specific arrival and include cognitive, entertainment, concerts and educational programs.

        Cinema and concert hall - capacity up to 220 people, where cultural events take place, well-known Belarusian musicians, composers and poets, amateur teams from all over the Grodno region, as well as actors from Grodno Regional Philharmonic and drama theater perform regularly. Karaoke-shows, tournaments, board games, poetry evenings are also held in the concert hall.

         A billiard room is especially popular among the guests of the sanatorium. Here you can find the most comfortable conditions for fans of "a free pyramid". The room, which is designed in medieval style, set players on knightly competition.

         Also, vacationers do not pass by tennis room, where the fights are held in the table tennis tournament for the prizes of the resort.

In a warm season festivals, concert and competitive programs take place on an open summer dance floor.

        Library is equipped with a good selection of classic and contemporary literature of different nations of the world. The most inquisitive readers will find new and interesting books. You will enjoy the abundance of periodicals. Here You will find the book to your liking. An experienced librarian will choose a book to Your individual application.


Department of Culture holds:

  • Concerts of professional artists and amateur groups;
  • Concert of variety band of the sanatorium “Porechye”;
  • Calendar, religious and national holidays;
  • Mass celebrations;
  • Competition, games and entertainment programs;
  • Dance evenings, shows;
  • Sports games and competitions;
  • Foot, bicycle and ski walks;
  • Meetings with famous and interesting people;
  • Evenings of poetry and song.


         We offer you a sightseeing trip: "Ancient castles of Belarus" (Novogrudok - Mir - Nesvizh), "City -museum" (tour of the city of Grodno), "Zhirovichi shrine" (Zhirovichi Orthodox men working monastery with a stop in Synkovichi, where the temple-fortress of the XVth century is located), trips to the agroestate "Korobchitsy", to the Grodno Regional Drama Theatre for performances of the troupe, as well as the performances of visiting artists, shop tours on the market "Southern" and the market "Crown".

        There is sport equipment rental in the Department of Culture: bicycles, sticks for the Scandinavian walking, boats and catamarans, fishing rods, barbecue with skewers, tents, balls and etc. In winter: skiing and sledding.


Strong medical base

Beautiful nature, clean air

Location near the forest

Responsive staff

Enlarged list of free procedures

Convenient location

Warm and cozy place, running its own boiler


Treatment of the diseases of the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract;

Treatment of metabolic diseases;

Treatment of the respiratory diseases;

Treatment of the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue;

Treatment of diabetes;

Program of weight reduction.