Alexander Victorovich

The general impression is twofold. What is good can be counted on the fingers of one hand - this is the water itself, the nature and some health workers. In general –the sanatorium is similar to the summer camp of the 80s. You need to work with the staff, the workers have to be sent to an internship, economic workers have to wear uniforms and you have to explain them that in the 8:00 a.m it is forbidden to mow the grass - people relax there.It will also be nice for the smokers to follow the rules of behavior,in the dining room it’s necessary to put air conditioning and replaced the bed - these products are only for children, but the mattresses are beneath criticism.But the hope for a fast improvement is not necessary, since the resort has the monopoly on the water .. I think that the Village Council must seek permission for the construction of its own pump room, THEN LOCAL SANATORIUMS WILL CREATE A COMPETITION AND THE RESORT WILL HAVE TO STIRR. Professor Chernovalov.